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Web site

This web site is is the best place to find the latest news about the evolution of the project or get in touch with us. It is here that you should ask for help if you ever get into trouble while using uml2svg. By doing this not only will you find a solution to your problem, but also supply the motivation we need to keep improving the software.

User manual

The user manual is the best place to go for a more in depth introduction to uml2svg. In the manual we do our best to provide a little bit more than just feature specifications, installing and usage procedures. We attempt to make you understand the way this software works in an easy-to-comprehend and enjoyable way. We provide usage scenarios and explanation of every feature we present so that you understand why you would need such a feature. We explain the problems we have tried to solve, the tradeoffs we had to make, the advantages and disadvantages that result out of our design decisions. We even give you alternative solutions you might decide to try in the case our software does not raise to your expectations.

Source code

Additional to this web site and the user manual, the source code is also available, so that the most experienced users can always examine it and experiment with it. That is why we have tried to keep things simple and clear, while including comments whenever that was not possible. Enjoy :)