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uml2svg is an XSLT-based tool for converting UML Diagrams to SVG. The diagrams have to conform with the UML Diagram Interchange 1.0 Specification, which at this time means they have be exported by Poseidon for UML.


We started the developing uml2svg with clear goals in mind:

  • Standard conformance
  • Modularity and extensibility
  • Good documentation
  • Readable generated SVG (for both humans and tools)
  • Multiple diagrams per XMI-file


Thanks to Stephane Galland we now have Debian/Ubuntu packages of uml2svg 0.18 available for download on Arakhnê.org


The uml2svg project is no longer actively maintained. Release 0.18 contained some bug fixes, 0.17 added support for UML 2.0 activity diagrams, 0.16 added UML 2.0 state diagrams, and 0.15 added UML 2.0 sequence diagrams and a license change to LGPL. Full compatibility with Poseidon 4.1 was achieved in 0.17. For compatibility with Poseidon 5.0 only UML 2.0 deployment diagrams are missing (older UML 1.4 deployment diagrams are already supported). An update of deployment diagrams was planned for version 0.19, but never came to be.